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Tag :: scripts-and-functions

NO-IP client written in PHP

17-May-2012 13:34:45 dennis

Tags: scripts-and-functions no-ip

Small and simple PHP client for the no-ip.com API for hosting domains on a dynamic IP.

michelf markdown rel = nofollow

18-Dec-2013 16:38:21 dennis

Tags: php scripts-and-functions

How to extend the michelf markdown parser to allow attributes to links, like rel="nofollow"

Check url headers in php

06-Jan-2014 15:57:24 dennis

Tags: scripts-and-functions

Very simple script to check a URLs headers.

recursive chmod files with php

26-Oct-2012 13:38:40 dennis

Tags: scripts-and-functions

Shows how to chmod files recursively with PHP

rename files recursively php

31-Jan-2012 17:14:57 dennis

Tags: php scripts-and-functions

A couple of function to use in order to rename a directory recursively. Needed it at my work and could not find anything that worked the way I excepted.

parse ini file cached with APC

29-Dec-2011 14:45:37 dennis

Tags: php scripts-and-functions apc

This is short howto which describes how to cache php ini files with APC by default. Ini files are not cached by APC by default.

Linux init scripts with php

18-Jun-2011 03:45:21 dennis

Tags: php scripts-and-functions

Showing how to create startup or init scripts with PHP on a Ubuntu machine. Short and easy to follow howto.

Ubuntu shutdown timer script

03-Apr-2013 15:22:30 dennis

Tags: scripts-and-functions cron hello-world

Show how to create a automated shutdown launcher on Ubuntu with gnome, php and a crontab entry.

remove all dirs with selected name

12-Sep-2013 15:41:10 dennis

Tags: php scripts-and-functions

How to remove dirs with a special name using PHP and the unix shell.

git auto commit script

25-Mar-2013 12:53:50 dennis

Tags: php scripts-and-functions git

Simple script to perform the steps involved in adding, committing and pushing to a remote git repo. It rewrites the https URL to ssh URL in the process.

redirect php request to secure https host

07-May-2011 21:54:16 dennis

Tags: php scripts-and-functions

this entry describes how to redirect a request acording to both servername and server port (e.g. 80 = http and 443 = https)

simple event dispatcher php

29-Dec-2011 17:48:10 dennis

Tags: php scripts-and-functions

Most simple example of an event dispatcher I can think of. Written in PHP

how to create a screen dump with php on linux

26-May-2011 02:40:06 dennis

Tags: php scripts-and-functions linux screendumps

Short entry to show how to make screen dump on linux with PHP.