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NO-IP client written in PHP

17-May-2012 13:34:45 dennis

Tags: scripts-and-functions no-ip


The source for the noiphp (no-ip php) can be found at:


It is a simple PHP5 script for using the no-ip.com API for updating DNS for hosts that does not have a static IP address. E.g. some broadband DSL connection switches IP every day.

The no-ip API is quite simple. And it is useful in many situations. E.g. you have an address on your home network, one in the train, and one when you are on work.


Requirements: You will need the php5-cli and you will need the php5-curl extension enabled

Only tested on Linux (Ubuntu)

git clone http://github.com/diversen/noiphp
cd noiphp

You will need to first sign up, and create a domain name. You will now have an email and a password and at least one domain name.

cp config/config.php-dist config/config.php

Set settings (email, password, domains(s), API base URL). e.g:

vim config/config.php

Optional: Add api_ip for allowing to set a different URL where we can get your current IP, which is then used to send to the no-ip service. You can just leave this one empty and the following will be used:


The URL above just echoes your machines current IP, which is then read and sent to the no-ip API.

That's it!


php run.php

As cron Job


crontab -e

Add a line that will run the script e.g. every 5 minute (set to your own path of the run.php script):

*/5 * * * * php /home/dennis/noiphp/run.php


Logs are saved to logs/coscms.log